Loheden AI Solutions AB

We at Loheden AI Solutions AB provide solutions in the field of digitalization, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics.

Your data, if used properly, can guide you to better plan your future. Your data will tell you about how your financial performance look, what your customers need, what trends are happening, what decisions to make, and where you can make improvements in your business.

We can help you with:

  • cleaning & structuring your data
  • creating meaningful insights with data analytics
  • implementing AI solutions with your data
  • developing mobile app solutions & making your data available to you on your phone
You can rely on our solutions on a project basis, or we can also develop software solutions for your specific needs and take care of the maintenance work during the entire lifecycle of such solutions.

Our Products

Share Predictions

Share Predictions mobile app provides stock market insights, graphs and quantitative trading and investing solutions and strategies. It provides vital tools to perform a proper technical analysis and AI powered stock price movement predictions.


For more information, visit SharePredictions.com

Our Products

Wise Prediction

AI can be used in a  number of use cases and sports betting strategy development is just one of them.

We have developed Wise Prediction for people being interested in sports and sports betting in particular, who do not have the possibility to analyze tens & hundreds of competitions every week. Wise Prediction offers AI powered sports betting predictions for soccer (European football) matches. Since we let machines analyze teams and make predictions, all our predictions are generated in a consistent manner which is not feasible if the work is done manually by a human.

For more information, visit WisePrediction.com